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Articles: Issues & Rants
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Article Name Author Date
Design Space Implications for Magic Theory Dan Freagarthach October 12, 2017
   "leads me to advocate for the official adoption by Wizards of the Coast of a newer eternal format, something like Frontier or potentially Arena..."
For Love of Blog and Allosaur Eric Turgeon April 12, 2014
   "You know a card that's really awesome and totally under-appreciated?"
In Praise of Wizards of the Coast Stephen Bahl March 26, 2013
   "In 2003, Wizards of the Coast reached out to me personally and said, “Happy birthday. Forever.”"
Shawn J. Houtsinger March 10, 2008
   "I am here as fan of this game, and hopefully to keep that fire alive for those future MTGer's"
Budget's Herald Jonah Swersey February 19, 2008
   "And who knows, maybe that Tarmogoyf that you're holding in your hands will be worth something someday"
On the Recent Changes to Legacy and Vintage Stephen O. Bahl June 18, 2007
   "...unrestricting Mind Twist is sort of like releasing Dr. Kevorkian from prison."
Eric Bess May 30, 2007
On Wizards and Magic - What do they care bout? Jeremy Hall May 23, 2007
   "Richard Garfield is a brilliant game designer, but that doesn't make him magics greatest player and he admits as such."
Bill Brown February 15, 2006
   "You have now officially paid your money, to watch an ad with those irritating Fanta girls singing a song that the incessant humming of which will probably make you miss vital dialogue later."
Bill Brown February 7, 2006
   "It must be like dork Mecca out there"
"Scrubs Corner": Casual & Competitive Player (TM) Shawn Houtsinger January 19, 2006
   "You could play for hours and never win a game, but still be complying by all the rules & outcomes, and still be considered more than a Casual Player in that game."
A Further Debate Of Defining Casual David James Bruce January 13, 2006
   "No one wants to be on the low end of the totem pole, and thus you have more effort expended to try and move yourself further up the food chain."
"Scrubs Corner": Rebuttal to Casual Thinking Shawn Houtsinger January 12, 2006
   "There is no fun in a first turn kill with Fireball + Channel."
The Orgg's treatese on: A Tribute to Phasing Jensen Bohren August 8, 2005
   "If drastic changes to older abilities is par for the course, possibly some of your other unused abilities will get boosts instead of repressions."
An Analysis of the Legacy Banned List Stephen O. Bahl May 4, 2005
   "If you disagree with any part of that, you must be wrong"
The Steaming Scrivener: Lists and Rankings Ranting Arjan van Houwelingen March 2, 2005
   "Yes Black Lotus probably deserves to be number 1 in an artifact ranking. But did someone need to tell you that?"
Ever thought about it? Ruroni Wrae Clarks December 9, 2004
   "These kids playing were using cards that I had priced earlier to be ranking in the $10 to $30 range."
In Defense of Blue Nick DiPasquale October 20, 2004
   "The funniest rumor I've ever heard in the game of Magic was the rumor that they were going to ban Islands."
Unmasked and Exposed October 18, 2004
Scrubs Corner?! What is a "casual player"? Shawn Houtsinger October 14, 2004
   "Am I still a casual player even if I play competitively, and suceed in tournaments?"
The Orgg's Treatese on: Walls Jensen Bohren September 20, 2004
   "This is an article on what may be the worst choice for a keyword mechanic"
The Orgg's Treatese on: Walls Jensen Bohren September 18, 2004
   "I have seen this wrighting on the creature type of wall coming a long time..."
Quickie Rants: Kamagawa mechanics John Fu September 9, 2004
   "I am puzzled and troubled by some of the new mechanics coming out."
The Orgg's Treatese On: Errattaing Creature Types Jensen Bohren July 28, 2004
   "This race has potential, much like the race of Dwarves that has fallen out of favor with Wizards of the Coast."
Oh the Humanity John Fu July 28, 2004
   "It seems a little weak and boring to bring normal humans into the fray."
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