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Article Name Author Date
"... Is Fear Itself." Jeff Boes May 9, 2005
   "There's nothing like the feeling when your opponent plays their Big Threat (TM), and you can answer it, turn after turn."
"Casual deck better than net deck" shocker! Luke Twigger August 2, 2000
   "That was the valuable lesson I learned"
"Scrubs Corner": Here I am, Top of the world!!! Shawn J. Houtsinger (HOUTS) June 7, 2000
   "I thought I would go over one my favorable moments."
(Demi)Gods of Jund-A singleton Casual Deck Jonah Swersey December 9, 2008
   "sadly, nobody informed me about a card named Firespout before the tournament started"
1.x Stompy Primer Matt "TJ" Saxon February 15, 2002
   "Stompy is a deck that's been around for awhile, but dropped-off a little ways back."
7th Edition and Random Thoughts Bob Pittman June 17, 2000
   "With that being said, I'd like to introduce 'Random Thoughts.'"
A couple of deck ideas Luke Twigger March 16, 2000
   "I was browsing my cards the other night, and came across the Venomous Fangs card"
A Flaw in The Game: The 100% 1st Turn Kill Kenneth Nagle January 27, 2004
   "The truth of the matter is: Paper beats Rock AND Scissors if the environment is fast enough."
A green and pinch of white powerdeck. Dick van der Velde September 14, 2002
A Patriot Deck geared to post-Masques era Ashton Broome July 11, 2001
   "I'm one of those few players who HATES Rishadan Port so much that I won't play it"
A Tournament Day With The CPA Mark "Ransac: Wanich January 8, 2001
   "I won a game that started with me playing a dwarven pony on the first turn!"
Almost Mono-Green Rick Mosier July 8, 2006
   "When I was majorly into Magic, it was Tempest/Urza/6th Edition block time in Type 2..."
Anatomy of a Tribe: Avatars Jason Kolberg January 9, 2009
Anatomy of a Tribe: Shapeshifters Jason Kolberg March 4, 2009
   "I got out a Mauler very early which didn't get removed and consequently grew like gangbusters in our Multiplayer extravaganza"
And the winner is ... Albert Sadoine July 19, 2000
   "Friday night Magic tourmanents are a great thing."
Answers... Robert Hilliard February 3, 2003
   "Longtime players... can recall something that made it into play and made them wish WOTC had never made the card"
Become a Type II innovator! Aaron "Istanbul" Swersky November 22, 2000
   "...take into account the current environment, adapt, and dominate."
Black Control Mike Golschneider November 5, 2000
   "Here's my casual deck i use in a local card shop..."
Blue Counterspell Deck Andrew Hack April 10, 2001
Brawl - Instants and Sorceries Are My Tribe Dan Freagarthach April 4, 2018
   "How does a zero nonland permanents (outside the command zone) deck perform within the constraints of this new format?"
Breaking Grafted Skullcap Kirsin Koch April 5, 2000
   "remember when it comes to Grafted Skullcap is that multiple copies mean extra card drawing..."
Breaking Pyromancy Kirsin Koch April 5, 2000
   "decklists I came up with for Pyromancy..."
Breaking Storage Matrix Kirsin Koch April 5, 2000
   "decklists I came up with for Storage Matrix..."
Breaking the mold Keith Ouellette December 24, 2000
   "This deck is Reactive Control and the idea is to be very patient, make your plays carefully and make the most of your cards"
Breaking Umbilicus Kirsin Koch April 5, 2000
   "These are decklists I came up with or had in my archives for Umbilicus..."
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